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ChickSuey is a creative homeschool adventure to teach our three young girls about business, marketing, customer service, and exploring creativity while doing something they enjoy.

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The chickens make me laugh when they come running

Glen, Michigan

I am impressed! I placed my order Sunday night, my order was shipped out the next morning. I was pleased with the high quality product I received and will be doing business with Chick Suey again! Thank you!

Erin, Montana

Phenomenally fast shipping and really cute packaging! Haven't given these to the chickens yet but I assume they will love them. ;)

Amanda, Pennsylvania

Packaged well, with free samples. My birds are loving this treat, and I am so glad to find a source of insect protein for them this winter that is not from a big box store.

Dierdre, Tennessee

The items arrived so promptly and packaged so well! Thank you. Great product, great service!

Christine, Montana