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FUN Fertile Chicken Hatching Eggs - Exciting Varieties!

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Picked fresh to order straight from our ChickSuey Farm chickens! We have many varieties so your hatch should bring a barnyard mix full of joy, fun & funny surprises! 

10 fertile eggs for hatching, picked fresh - BEST MIX EVER!

Our roosters: Buff Cochin a.k.a" "Tuggy", Sanjack Longcrower a.k.a "The Undertaker"., and "Goulash" a silkie. Our hens: Turkens, Leghorns, Ameracauna, Ancona, Black Star, Black Cochin, Light Brahma, Rhode Island Red, White Giant, Speckled Sussex, Beifelder, Sanjack Longcrower, Gray Maran, Easter eggers, and more!

We also include a FREE "chick hatching survival kit", that's what we call it! If you have hatched chicks before you have experienced a weak one or one that develops wry neck, etc... The water bottle or syringe makes it easy to assist them with hydration if this occurs! The dish/lid can be used for food at first or fill it with water and place some small rocks in the bottom so it doesn't flip.

Check out the pictures of some of our recent 2022 ChickSuey hatch, they are FUN!

If you order on a Friday or Saturday your order will ship Monday. Contact us if you need immediate shipment, we will do our best!