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BUG LOAF SUEY, oh yes! A funny, unique and clever gift that is also useful and packed full of proteins. 2 loafs come with each single order.

A spectacular bread loaf of full of bugs; silk worms, super mealworms, grasshoppers, black soldier fly larvae and seed. This a very fun addition to ChickSuey! Your flock will pick away at this until its gone, and it serves up nice inside your coop in the winter months to keep them busy! This loaf is dairy-free, contains 1 cup of bugs in addition to sunflower, millet and corn scratch - baked fresh to order and sells as a 2 pack, each finished loaf weighs 1 lb +/-.

Since we bake to order please allow 1 extra day for processing your order. Your order will ship in 1-3 days.

This bread contains NO preservatives, please serve immediately upon arrival.

Humans With Peanut Or Shellfish Allergies May Be Sensitive To ChickSuey products, handle with care - Not For Human Consumption!