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CHICK Buns - Fidget Stress Toy



Includes: 1 mini steamer and 3 chick-shaped mochi. The fidget toy is portable, you can play in your home, cars, or any other places with your families or friends.

This simulation stress ball is suitable for a wide range of people, include the elderly, children and adults. The mochi fidget toy is not only a toy designed for children, it can also help adults relieve anxiety, and help the elderly exercise the function of fingers.

PLEASE NOTE: Not recommended for children under 3 yrs. The chick stress ball is made of high quality TPR material, which is safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, soft and elastic, and durable, you can pinch at will. And the Artificial steamer is made of ABS. After frequent usage, we recommend washing this simulation stress ball with dish soap and warm water, air dry, and then lightly apply a small amount of baby powder to make the animal stress ball as good as new.  

This product is manufactured in China. We have noticed the cute face wears off over time from use but doesn't impact the functionality of the toy.