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Got baby chicks? This is a protein-tastic addition to your baby chicks crumbles diet in the early developing days. SHRIMP SUEY contains dried river shrimp (62% proteins), and dried mealworms (52% proteins). This bag contains 10 grams of product. We use mealworms in this mixture because they are smaller and easier for baby chicks to consume. This product is also good for reptiles and hermit crabs served whole. Order now before your baby chicks arrive!

How to use this product?
1. Wait until your chicks are 24-48 hours old
2. Use a small saucer dish that is flat and easy for chicks to get onto (sample in pictures and video)
3. Add your chick-starter crumbles to dish
4. Gently squish your SHRIMP SUEY bag to break down the mealworms and shrimps to smaller pieces.
6. Sprinkle a tablespoon or so on top the crumbles, gently poor water onto the food - as your crumbles absorbs the water add a little more so your dish is a paste but not soupy
5. Serve!
6. We recommend adding SHRIMP SUEY once a day for the first week after hatch or receiving your chicks, the added proteins and moisture (by adding water) helps give your chicks strength and added nutrition. This bag is good for 3 servings (days) for up to 20 chicks.

Humans With Peanut Or Shellfish Allergies May Be Sensitive To ChickSuey products, handle with care - Not For Human Consumption!